Why Insult Swadeshi if so Determined to marry Foreigner? Importeomania for how long?

Over 10 months long Red Tape when on the other hand all the Shor-sharaabaa about Acute Critical Shortage of Combat Aircrafts and when obsolete MiGs continue to turn Flying Coffins! Notably Tejas LCA was original e planned to replace about 800 MiG 21s AND BEYOND ANY DOUBT, the Tejas LCA is orders of magnitude more advanced safe and potent then MiG21s of fifties in 60 is vintage!

Why does user expect Development YESTERDAY, Production without placing orders, Even as it Keep Shifting Goal-Posts by PERPETUALLY Changing Specifications….. And above all, demand ALL THE best FEATUREs of every Combat Aircraft on Globe in Indigenous Tejas-LCA! …..How long our country’s defence procurement continue to remain in clutches of Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars and import lobbyists like Christian Michelle!!!!! ………..How long Parliament sessions, session after session get drowned in ruckus over Scams and Scandals!!!!! ……. When will our country get freedom from commission agents and Importeomania!!!!
Importeomania goes on and on!

अगर @IAF_MCC को दुल्हन विदेशी ही चाहिए तो स्वदेश में ढूंढने का ड्रामा क्यों, स्वदेशी का अपमान क्यों? Why drama of @makeinindia if so allergic to swadeshi & determined to marry Foreigner, bring IMPORTed bride?

An army veteran turned journalist who has been tracking Tejas-LCA for more than two decades exposes yet another drama against the Indigenously Designed Developed modern 4+ Generation Light Combat Aircraft in his latest article:

Also on the same topic:

Isn’t Defence Preparedness Victim of IMPORTEOMANIA, just like Arjun, Tejas and many other indigenous defence products, in fact Swadeshi are !


Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars-Imaginary or Real!


The Fascist British Colonial Rulers were FORCED by our freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Chandrashekhar Azad to leave Bharat in 1947 BUT the ENSLAVEMENT of minds of a section of people of our country has led to a situation that even 71 years after 1947, Bharat has remained dependent on IMPORTs not only in civilian sector but also in the most crucial arena of country’s Defence and Security! Most unfortunately the Governance in the country, especially the Defence Procurement has remained dominated by those ENSLAVED MINDs for whom IMPORTed Junk is Gold and Swadeshi Gold is Junk!

British Colonial Rulers: Saviour or Marauding Dacoits?


Why Insult Swadeshi if so Determined to marry Foreigner? Importeomania for how long?

British Colonial Rulers: Saviour or Marauding Dacoits?

Answer to the question raised in heading is simple: ………Islamic Invaders & Marauders lacked ability to understand & destroy roots our culture… FAILED for ~800 yrs!
Ultra Fascist britishers were more cunning. They did it systematically & succeeded to a great extent. Besides westernized edn system, they invented a tool called “Indian National Congress” in 1885! A tool that will perpetuate love for everything that’s vilaayati and hate for everything Bharateeya! Rest is history! (Though during later post independence decades,, when brands: Gandhi-Nehru-Gandhi begin to fade, the colonial tool joined hands with #UrbanNaxals and went on to build narratives (taught is school books too)
-that We the People of Bharat were primitive idiots till Islamic invaders particularly the Moguls began knitting us into fabric as a great kingdom!
-that Babar…. Aurangzeb were great saviours
-that the britishers taught us to lead a civilized life.
-that the Ultra Fascist british Colonial Rulers were in fact our “Bharat Bhagya Vidhaata”!

Thus unfortunately, the westernised education system in our country has been producing a class of technocrats and intellectuals for whom the meaning of modernity is “downgrading our own Bharatiya Traditions and Sanskriti” !

If our body gets infected by a pathogen, do we attempt to kill the pathogen or do we destroy our own body?

Our westernised technocrats believe in the second option so far as Bharatiya Traditions and Sanskriti are concerned.

We had a time tested, integrated education and skill development system in place that had not only produced great scholars and wealth of knowledge but had also created unparalleled wealth (that attracted invaders)!

Traditionally for example, till the onslaught by Islamic Invaders and marauders, our temples used to be centre of highly productive and positive activities and not just a place for idol worshipping. Temples were seat of learning, a place for resolution of many day to day problems, doubts and disputes, a place where a poor could find food by eating in Bhandara, the donations served as reserves for bad times….. and much more!

Islamic invaders could only destroy the physical structures but failed to kill roots. The Christian invaders researched well managed to induce self-destrution by our own people…”Aag lagee humri atariyaa mein hum gaayein malhaar”!


British Colonial Rulers: Saviour or Marauding Dacoits?

Will a “Smash Bishopical/Catholic Rapism Campaign” be justified?

As early as the time of Shree Aadi Shankarcharya, the person who could not only stand former’s argument in shastrarth (open debate) but had almost defeated the invincible great seer was a lady, the wife of another wise Brahmin Shree Mangal Mishr. Earlier during the debate between her husband and Shree Adi Shankarcharya, she was accepted as the Judge!

And some cunning ladies, self-proclaimed intellctuals are carrying out sinister propaganda by raising placards stating “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”. The worst part is an @jack the CEO of Twitter sheepishly standing flanked by such people and holding the play card !

There might have been some Brahmins believing in superiority of men over women. So are many more in nearly every community/society around the world in terms of percentage among such communities and societies. So are RAPISTs among Bishops and even the Bishops accused of regularly Raping Nuns… as recently revealed.

Will a “Smash Bishopical/Catholic Rapism Campaign” be justified? Will Jack like to hold such a play card?

Back home, someone claimed that only Nehru and Sh Atal jee were Brahmin PMs of our country.

In the first place, a Prime Minister is a Prime Minister and not Brahmin or XYZ ! Is the Prime Minister of all the people of the country!

Nevertheless, who says Nehru was a Brahmin by birth or by deeds???

Those born in Brahmin family know names of their last seven generations, quote gotra and progeny in rituals!
Can RaGa name last SEVEN preceding Nehru???

Some interesting links:

Why not smash the myths around ‘Brahminical patriarchy’ first?

Article by Shri Markandey Katju the former Chief Justice of Bharat


Why Jack, Barkga Dutt, Anna Vetticad and Co. are guilty of spreading hate and disinformation

Article by Shree Vivek Agnihotri


Will a “Smash Bishopical/Catholic Rapism Campaign” be justified?

Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars – Imaginary or Real !

Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars-Imaginary or Real !

Controversies like Rafael are not new to defence procurements through IMPORTs.

Since early independence days, days of inviting by Nehru an expert to advise on building “Self-reliance in defence” from the same nefarious Fascist regime that broke Bharat into “Tukre-Tukre” FEARING that Bharat MAY once rise to become a strong economic power and a competitor, the days of Jeep Scandal and…., till the recent controversies, one may wonder if those top guys (and gals ofcourse) intimately involved in such mega import deals can ever gather courage and honesty to claim on oath and signed affidavit that deals were clean, devoid of exchange of any ‘under the table gratification’ to anyone?!?
Hence, the degree or whiteness (or otherwise) is not the issue in this post…. irrespective of what is stated in the article in “The Quint”! https://hindi-thequint-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/hindi.thequint.com/amp/story/news%2Findia%2Fexclusive-conflict-of-interest-in-ministry-of-defence-over-rafale-deal-offsets?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fhindi.thequint.com%2Fnews%2Findia%2Fexclusive-conflict-of-interest-in-ministry-of-defence-over-rafale-deal-offsets
But if the facts reported about the Trio – the Top 2 functionaries responsible for maintaining cleanliness in ‘Defence Deals’ (Accountability???) + Brother, a former Navy officer turned reportedly into a lobbyist, are correct than indeed the article may show a glimpse of what does the term “Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars” refers to!
But is there anything new in it !?!
No one, no one at all, neither from the so actively critical media nor from the then ruling or opposition political parties…nor from any other section of society ever raised the relevant questions when in 1999 the grandson of a former Navy Chief and son of an Arms lobbyist cum Dealer mercilessly crushed down SIX lives under the wheels of his BMW:
-Is it acceptable that son of a Navy Chief work as an Arms Lobbyist?
-Could an honest person getting salary of a Navy Chief even in 1999 afford a BMW?
-Many more questions could and should have been raised but obviously were not! Such questions, if raised earlier might have helped in preventing many subsequent Bofors and Augustaaz from taking place allowing many indigenously developed products getting delayed or discarded and might have also spared our nation from having to witness the Gutterly Shame of its former Armed Forces Chief having to appear before CBI investigation team.
The brute powers of lobbyists is visible in the fact that the killer could not be kept confined to jail for long: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/bmw-case-six-lives-would-have-been-saved-if-sanjeev-nanda-showed-mercy-says-supreme-court-495315
The brute powers of lobbyists is visible in the fact that “No one killed Jessica” syndrome prevails in every Defence Procurement Scandal though investigations may continue indefinitely even long after the item itself gets obsolete, serving very effectively ONLY ONE FUNCTION – Political Gimmick as tool to Befool and Mislead the citizens, especially the voters!
So who are the “Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars” making real decisions without any accountability? Certainly not the real “Fighting Soldiers” who are made to believe that all “Indigenous Defence Products” are JUNK, that Wars can be won Only and ONLY when soldiers have IMPORTed Weapons Platforms and Equipment (So what if those imported products are 2 to 3 generations older than indigenous ones, or the continuity of supplies of their critical spare parts is uncertain and has been blocked in past..,… and so on.
{For instance, F16 had been already flying for TWO decades or so when the FIRST fraction of the program to develop indigenous Light Combat Aircraft was sanctioned in mid 1993 in the shape of the 1st phase of Full Scale Engineering Development of Two Technology Demonstrator Aircrafts}
The sons of these Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars don’t have to fight wars; can safely have their base in foreign countries selling the arms).
No wonder, India has continued to be ON TOP in the list of Arms Importing Countries for DECADES!
No wonder, the Arms Selling Countries and their Lobbyist have Gigantic Interest in keep expanding their lucrative Arms Bazaar called India even if it means SPONSORING UNRESTS and CONFLICTS in and around India!

For those not too familiar with our country’s set-up for Defence, Security including crucial “Defence Procurements” and as well onus for building Self-reliance in Defence Sector, a glance at MoD website will be sufficient to find that the topmost in the setup have been and are:
The Cabinet Secretary,
The three Service Chiefs,
The Defence Secretary,
The FADS (Financial Advisor with a rank of Secretary,
The CGDA (Controller General of Defence Accounts)
The Secretary Deptt of Defence Production
The Secretary Deptt of Defence R&D

This is ofcourse next in heirarchy to the Political bosses (Bosses?is that really so???), the PM, the RM and the MoS ie the public reps elected every 5 yrs or so.

In the category of the “Government servants” mentioned above, the last one i.e. the Secretary, Deptt of Defence R&D who also happens to be the Chairman DRDO happens to be an odd man out; the rest belonging to the over privileged class collectively considered as the “Ajar Amar Avinaashee Baboodom” – the Political bosses come and go.!

Since the post is basically about asking the right questions at the right time, did anyone ever raised question marks on role of the privileged class in Bharat’s continuation to suffer the dubious distinction of being world’s biggest importer of defence products?

Importeomaniac Defence Procurement Tsars – Imaginary or Real !

BE OURSELVES and be PROUD of it!

In our quest to once again make our nation great, prosperous and strong, we often begin to compare with successful and strong nations like US, Israel, Japan….. to the extent of talking of becoming another US or…..!

With all the respect for the Zeal we need not, must not try to become Israel OR US ….. but be ourselves…… We need to strive to be Great Bharat, the best among great nations, growing with keeping concept of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam वसुधैव कुटुंबकम् !

Let’s not forget, till the series of Islamic marauders and then the Gutterly Fascist british Colonial Dacoits invaded our great nation Bharat, our country had the richest (Rich in each and every aspect – Wisdom, Human Values, Technologies, Spirituality, Culture, Happiness… and not just in monetary sense) and the most powerful region on this earth contributing the major and the largest share to global GDP. That was the time when the West was struggling to overcome BARBARIAN culture and learning to live as human beings should!

In the process of REGAINING the lost Glory, rising above narrow selfish interests person loss and profit statements in the account of our lives, we must recognise our inherent strengths and rebuild ourselves as nation. In the process, yes it’s prudent to indeed learn from the experiences of other successful nations and their journeys to success and their struggle with their failures! BUT let’s not downgrade ourselves by even remotely thinking to be someone else – BE OURSELVES and be PROUD of it!

BE OURSELVES and be PROUD of it!

Isn’t Defence Preparedness Victim of IMPORTEOMANIA, just like Arjun, Tejas and many other indigenous defence products, in fact Swadeshi are !

Most people get carried away with emotions when anything related to Armed Forces is involved AND keep asking WRONG QUESTIONS !

And that’s because they are not aware of the fact that the “Fighting Armed Forces” have little say in procurement and are different from “Procurement Forces” commanded by “Procurement Tsars”. The Tsars include Politicians Babooz and the “Battle Scary Delhi Loving few senior officers who manage to get comfortable postings, mostly in the capital !

These “Procurement Tsars” launch vilification campaign against indigenous products whenever they happen to bring out RFI etc for IMPORTs !

So, please do make a genuine attempt to answer pertinent questions:

Thus, some of the right questions that need answers are

-Are we really lagging behind ?

-If yes, to what extent and in which areas ? AND WHY ?

-If we have been really so incapable, WHAT made us a Grand Success in the extremely difficult and restrictive field of “Strategic Ballistic Missiles” all by ourselves and against UNETHICAL Blockades and Breaches of ink signed trade contracts by the nations that claim to be champions of free trade and commitment in business dealings.

-If there are certain shortcomings leading to present situation in the field of Tactical Systems, WHO is/are responsible ? AND What are the solutions.

– Why does user take decades to decide what it wants,

-Why does user again and again lay down unrealistic specifications for Indigenous Products but readily, silently, malaciously dilutes specifications and lay it in accordance with IMPORTed Products in mind ? Why ! Why !

-Why does user keep delaying Testing and Evaluation process for decades, from Summer Trials to Winter Trials and again to next sets of Summers and Winters ! But accepts IMPORTed Products after a cursory glance ?

Besides these general questions, there are related to specific products raised in my articles too:

Arjun MBT: Why did Army wanted Indigenous Tank to be

-A 4 crew Tank with manual loading when a 3 crew unproven T90 ordered in hundreds and hundreds was acceptable ? Obviously, the 4th person too needed to be within Tank and needed space for his movements during loading of Ammunition, necessitating the Tank to be much larger in size and weight !
-providing for much higher level of protection, IF T90 with poor protection was acceptable ? After all armour cannot be made out of plastic FOAM !

– Possess much higher level of Stabilization ESSENTIAL for meeting the demand “Fire while on Move” Capability in Arjun WHEN T90 was acceptable without it .

A long list making Arjun far far superior except that the perks associated with IMPORTs would be obviously missing.

What has been stated above is available in Public Domain !

Finer details of areas and extent of Arjun’s Capabilities can be revealed if RESULTs of Comparative Trials (SwaDeshi Arjun vs Imported T90) which CONCLUSIVELY proved Arjun’s superiority over T90

It’s an open challenge. Identity a Battle Tank across the globe that meets all the PERFORMANCE PARAMETERs sought in Arjun, Incorporates commercially available technologies, is CHEAPER than Arjun and is significantly LIGHTER and SMALLER !

Thus, can anyone answer “Why no further orders for Superior Arjun WHILE T90s brought in … how many hundreds ?” Does anyone finds it disgusting !

I can go on and on for many other products which have had the same story as Arjun and Tejas ! INSAS, Carbine, Ammunition, Tactical Missiles including Prahar ………

But the real question is how to change the situation, how to cure IMPORTEOMENIA the “Obstructive Compulsive Desire” to IMPORT ?

SWADESHI and Self-Reliance certainly do not mean IMPORTING each and every nut and bolt !

It certainly means to have Complete Control over the product including the technologies involved, guarantee of uninterrupted supply of Subsystems and Components and Final integration leading to Product on our own soil under our Complete Control..

So what’s the solution ! Can IMPORTEOMANIA be Eradicated, Cured OR at least kept under REASONABLE CONTROL ? Of course Yes !

If the Government of India is really, TRUELY !?! serious for putting end to CORRUPTION and bring about Self-Reliance, IMPORTEOMANIA is not too difficult to cure and even be eradicated:

-Bring transparency and strictly avoid over classification of information.


-Institute an empowered Defence Technology Commission that should be above DAC and have larger Participation / Representation than DAC. Should include Experts from relevant fields from within as well as outside Government … Military, Scientists, Industry, Academia …

-Keep tracks of earning and financial status of key Personnel involved

-Put cooling off period of at least FIVE years after retirement for taking up any job in any organization having any foreign interests.

-Further, anyone (From Military OR Baboodom OR any other service MUST SURRENDER all the retirement benefits including pension and status of ____ (retired) before taking up Job in any organization having any foreign interests (ie becoming SERVANT of such companies etc)

-I strongly feel that DEMONETISATION, GST and Digitisation will go a long way in this direction.

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Facilitating “Make” projects

Isn’t Defence Preparedness Victim of IMPORTEOMANIA, just like Arjun, Tejas and many other indigenous defence products, in fact Swadeshi are !

LCA-NAVY and AMCA must be not just revived but wholeheartedly expedited

In our funds starved Nation Bharat, having been looted again and again, first by a stream of invaders and then by over 6 DECADEs of Dynastic Rule, the only way forward for our Navy is to rediscover its wisdom of going”Swadeshi”!

Higher the Swadeshi, the Indigenous Contents, LOWER the cost.

LCA-NAVY and AMCA must be not just revived but wholeheartedly expedited!

If new aircrafts could be designed and manufactured in numbers during WWII 80 yrs ago, there is no reason why we can’t do it expeditiously enough to make them available by the time our own Vishal gets ready.

Funds spent on Indigenous Systems and on inducting them in NUMBERS are INVESTMENTs (not merely expenditure), boosts our own Economy. Imports are a drain on our national resources, burden on Economy and kill local industry.


LCA-NAVY and AMCA must be not just revived but wholeheartedly expedited